Loyalty Program

Truck Patch Loyalty Rewards Program

What it is:
The Truck Patch now offers a free, in-house loyalty program, designed to reward our loyal customers. When you sign up, you receive a card which we scan with each Truck Patch purchase to give you a percentage back for shopping with us. The reward amount depends on the products purchased and store location. Stop by your local Truck Patch Natural Market for more details.

How it works:
Present this card to your cashier with every purchase to have rewards automatically added to your card except for special orders or alcoholic products. These accumulated rewards can be used toward anything at the Truck Patch except alcoholic beverages by law. Once the rewards are added to your card you can begin using them immediately. There is no reward amount to be attained by using rewards. The rewards program works with any type of transaction payment (Cash, Credit, Debit, Gift Card and EBT).

How to sign up:
Any cashier can sign you up for The Truck Patch loyalty program. You will need to fill out a very short form and will receive a card as soon as you turn it in. To protect your information, this info NEVER LEAVES THE TRUCK PATCH. Because we protect security by processing all cards in-house, there is an activation wait time of up to 72 hours. Even though you get your card immediately, your rewards will not begin to accumulate until your info is attached to your card and it is activated.


What happens if I forget my card?
No problem! We can look up your customer info at the registers with your name and phone number.

Can I save up my credits?
Your rewards are given as they come in. Your rewards do cap off at $20, so you’re going to want to use them when you can.

Can my significant other/roommate also use my card?
Yes. If you want to share a card with members of your household, that is your choice, but keep in mind that you may also be sharing your rewards with them.

My cashier forgot to ask if I had a Loyalty card. Can I get my points?
Unfortunately, we cannot add rewards to your card after your transaction has been completed so please make sure your cashier adds your card before your transaction is completed.

Do I have to have a loyalty card to purchase Truck Patch sale items?
NO! Anyone can purchase Truck Patch sale items with or without a loyalty card.

How can I find out how many rewards I have?
A cashier can tell you during your transaction and your reward balance will print on your receipt.