The Truck Patch has similar sections to a conventional grocery store, but the products on the shelf make us different. We screen products before they are put on the shelf. Our products won’t have artificial sweeteners or colors, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup or added MSG. We want to make sure you have the best quality products available to you.

Arkansas is fortunate to have some great bread makers. The Truck Patch features bread from Serenity Farms (Leslie, AR), Ozark Natural Breads (Fayetteville, AR) and Stone Mill Bread(Fayetteville, AR). You can pick up a fresh loaf every week. All three artisans use only the highest quality ingredients in their bread.
We have a large selection of “gluten free” products in the store, just look for the “Gluten Free” tag below the item on the shelf and you will know the products are “gluten-free”.


Milk & Cheese

We have a wide dairy selection which includes dairy, soy, rice, goat and alternative products. Our dairy products, which include fresh milk, cheese, yogurts, butter, kefir to name a few, are produced without the use of artificial growth hormones to increase milk production including rBGH.Looking for gourmet cheeses? Check out our selection!


The Truck Patch sells certified organic eggs and eggs that are raised cage free on local, family owned farms.


The bulk section at The Truck Patch offers 80 bins of bulk food including beans, nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruit, rice, granolas, flours, and snacks. We have over 80 different selections in our bulk spice section. If you need a pinch or a pound, you will find what you need to spice up your meals.

With over 30 teas in bulk and 10 coffee bins, you can sample wonderful coffee and teas from all over the world. If dried herbs are what you are looking for, we have over 30 dried herbs in our bulk section. Get exactly what you want and enjoy the extra saving that comes with buying products in bulk.

Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Free Range, Pastured, Humanely Raised

Meat & Poultry

The Truck Patch offers natural or organic free range beef, pork, lamb and poultry sourced from quality ranchers who raise their animals in an environment where they can move freely outdoors – this means a better life for the animal and leaner, more flavorful meat for you!
All of the meat and poultry must meet the following criteria to be sold at The Truck Patch:
• No use of antibiotics or growth promoting hormones
• No feed containing animal by-products
• No artificial food colorings or preservatives
• All animals are raised on a 100 percent vegetarian diet


The Truck Patch sources only sustainable, wild caught seafood. According to World Wildlife Fund, 70% of the world’s major fisheries are overfished, so we are very careful when selecting our suppliers and varieties of seafood. We make sure our seafood comes from well-managed, environmentally responsible sources. Our fish is the best quality you can find in the area

Fresh, Organic, Local.

The Truck Patch is committed to buying local produce when possible to provide the best tasting, freshest produce possible. Each season brings new fruits and vegetables from quality local farmers. More than 90 percent of the produce sold at The Truck Patch is certified organic fruits and vegetables grown without artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

We have the largest selection of fresh, organic produce in Baxter and surrounding counties.

Coffee & Tea


We have over 25 varieties of coffee available at The Truck Patch.Buy good quality, organic and Fair Trade coffees and taste the difference!

We are also pleased to have local roaster Mountain Bird Coffee (Beaver, AR) in our coffee section.


The Truck Patch has a large selection of loose, bulk tea as well as packaged teas.Looking for a quality green, white, blue, black, red or herbal tea? We have them all, just take your pick!

Health & Beauty

Why buy Health & Beauty products at The Truck Patch?

Your body absorbs most of what you put on it, so you probably do not want products that are filled with harmful chemicals and dyes, which is what most cosmetic and skin care products contain. At The Truck Patch, we thoroughly review the products we select to ensure that we keep harmful chemicals and dyes out of our products.

You will find cosmetics, skin care products, soaps, lotions, hair care products, essential oils and much more in The Truck Patch’s Health & Beauty department.


The Truck Patch offers a full line of high-quality supplements with brands such as Barleans, Enzymedica, Garden of Life, Nature’s Plus, New Chapter, Nordic Naturals, Carlson, Bluebonnet, Michaels, and Irwin Naturals among many others.

We also have Nutritionist and Dr. of Nutripathy, Greg Kreutzer, on staff in Mountain Home and available to answer any of your questions about your nutritional needs.


The Stem and Spoon Café is located inside of the Jonesboro Truck Patch. The café has a creative and delicious menu that will satisfy every taste. Sandwiches are made using top quality ingredients and served on locally baked bread. The café also has Gluten Free, Vegan and Paleo options available for those with food intolerance or on special diets. The kid’s menu is clever and fun and sure to please your little one’s palate. Coffee and smoothies are also available daily.